About David Altavilla

David Altavilla Head ShotDavid Altavilla is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HotHardware.com, a web publication that specializes in news and reviews of products and technologies in the computing and mobile technologies industries. HotHardware evaluates the latest tech gear and provides mainstream consumers with digestible information on products so they can stay informed and make educated buying decisions that fit their specific needs. With a staff of experienced industry insiders, the site also caters to tech enthusiasts with in-depth analysis of computing and related technologies, as well as how-to guides.

As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HotHardware.com, David is responsible for the operations, business development, engine development, editorial direction and creative vision of the site. Known for his expertise in the industry, David has also been called upon by Forbes to cover breaking news and technologies in the mobile technology, desktop computing and datacenter markets.

Tech Industry Experience

David has been immersed in the technology space for decades and has gained a firsthand view of fast-moving major developments in the electronics industry. After college, he began his career in the semiconductor and computing industries, in which he worked for eighteen years. As a Global Account Manager and Sales Engineer at companies like Integrated Device Technology and Nu Horizons Electronics, he worked with major OEMs and tech manufacturers like Lucent, EMC, and Motorola to design-in various chip-level components, helping to provide innovation for leading-edge tech products at the consumer and enterprise level. This gave him hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the products and technologies that shape markets and define best-of-class solutions. In working with some of these larger manufacturers, he began conducting performance analyses of consumer electronics, and, in 1999, he connected with a computer reseller who sent him his first computer motherboard to review. And from there, the sky was the limit.


David was fascinated by the internet’s potential in terms of communication and technological development, especially in connecting thousands of people in complex interactive environments and platforms. His hardware reviews eventually garnered the interest of tech giants like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Lenovo and Dell who began including his company on first-round product launch efforts. After nine years of developing and expanding HotHardware.com, he left his primary career to work on the  then fledgling start-up, with a full-time staff in 2008.

Community Service and Educational Background

Outside of the workplace, David enjoys staying involved with his community and helping with a number of local organizations, including youth sports and church-sponsored service missions. More generally, David is also passionate about helping to foster education, human rights, environmental causes and disaster and humanitarian aid.

David Altavilla earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Marketing, Technology from Fitchburg State University. Throughout his four-year tenure there, David served as FSU Class President each year and was also an FM Radio DJ for Fitchburg State College Radio Station – WXPL. It was this early experience working as a disc jockey that he was able to get an inside look into computers and experience their practical uses in communications. Ever since these early years, David has been fascinated by the rapid progression and growth of technology and the advent of the internet.

David Altavilla currently resides in the Boston, MA area.